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About us


Laser Entertainment was founded in 1987 as a rental business, but soon turned into an agency capable of offering all-inclusive services: from the rental of the most powerful and reliable multi-colour laser systems, to giant image projectors, from giant screens, to the creation of demanding multimedia productions in the context of conventions, major events, street performances, music or theater tours, theme parks, film, television and outdoor advertising.

The speciality of our company is the willingness to develop ideas, projects and services with agencies, event managers and directors, in Italy and all over the world. This, coupled with creativity, attention to new technologies and a great deal of experience make us a leading company in Europe in visual communication related to spectacles. Evidenc eof this is seen in over 30 international prizes and awards received during two decades.


As always, our goal is to be a point of reference for the production and realization of laser shows, 3D videomapping, large projections, multimedia events and Holo 3D projection. We want to anticipate the demands of a competitive and dynamic market with technological solutions and innovative ideas that are cutting-edge, keeping our clients and their specific needs at the center of our service.

From 1993 to today, we have received over 30 international awards for the quality and originality of our production and technological development. Among these are included:

1st prize BEA 2006

as best audiovisual production (show: Heart & Passion for Turin, 2006)

2 time European Champions

at the Lasershow Festival (animated graphics + volumetric effects)

3 time winner of the 1° Pangolin Prize

for the best lasershow of animated graphics

7 time winner of the 1° Ilda Prize

in several categories (including 3 times for Multimedia Show)

1 Pepsi Award

for SIB 1993 (lighting company)

15 minor Ilda prizes

2nd and 3rd place finalists) in different categories

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